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Traveling abroad has always been most people dream, but getting Visa is usually complicated. This is why you need travel experts to assist you through the entire visa processing journey. We make sure your dream comes to reality while we stay updated with the required visa documents while working collaboratively with consulates and embassies.

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Canada is a diverse and beautiful country boasting some of the most stunning and unique natural beauty. It is recognized as one of the most liveable countries in the world. We will assist you through the process getting employment contract and two years working permit visa that…read more

Bookings for poland have increased drastically over the years for its educational and employment opportunity. Top recruitment has issued over one thousand study and work permit visa to individuals both locally and internationally. We do thorough follow up to make sure you Poland visa is…read more

For many decades, China has been known for its unique cultural and technological heritage. Ali Baba, being the largest marketplace in the World has made China a primary country for businessmen, wholesalers, online shop owners etc. We will help you process your China visa within…read more

Brazil has been one of the major goto countries in the World. It is the the fifth largest nation that comprises majorly Amerindians, European settlers (mainly from Portugal), and Africans. Getting Brazil visa from Top Recruitment has always been so easy for anyone who is willing to study or relocate to…read more

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is an island nation in northwestern Europe. It is widely recognized in the World as one of the most developed countries among others. From visitation, tourism, work permit, study abroad to business visa, United Kingdom has been the…read more

Till date, Africa as a continent has been known for it historical and cultural heritage. It is dominated by majorly black people with different traditions and lifestyles. Many countries in Africa have natural and artificial tourist centers that attract voyagers and people from different walks of life…read more

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Best Visa ticketing & reservation in Nigeria. We are Top Travel Recruitment because we provide the best travel and tourism-related services for future prosperity. We are dedicated to helping individuals and families create memories that will last a lifetime. Through our expertise, research, and services, individuals can plan vacations or trips that are directly catered to their wants and needs.

Our core areas are visa consultations and processing, airline ticketing, hotel reservations, accommodations, travel insurance, work permit, car pickup/drop-off etc. We make booking process simpler for the public, who might lack the time or confidence to book trips themselves. With our expertise, most individuals have made it to their dream destination around the globe with…

Mercy Akpabio - Student
(University of Toronto)
Ajibade Johnson - Tourist
(RiverView Park & Zoo)

Our Traveling Package


Visa Consultation

We are well equipped with professional consultants who assist individuals and organizations in understanding, preparing, and successfully applying for visas to travel, work, study or immigrate to any of the target foreign country on our list. These consultations serve as a valuable resource and guardian for stress-free visa processing with zero complication.


Airline Ticketing

Top Recruitment creatively manages the entire ticketing process for clients, from booking a ticket to issuing it to a passenger. Our ticketing system is so comprehensive for airline inventory management, setting fares, creating and managing reservations, issuing tickets & process payments. The support team are always available to attend to customers.


Hotel Reservations

Great hospitality has always been part of our modus operandi. Since we want to be referred by families and friends, customers maximum comfort and satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our hotel reservation ideology accept and manage reservations both online and offline. We offer home away from home to guess and travellers with  our effective booking system. 


Travel Insurance

Whether you missed your flight to Canada, lost your bags in Poland etc. travel insurance can help remedy all kinds of travel mishap costs. It is a type of insurance covering financial losses associated with traveling, and it is useful protection for all international travel. The unexpected is usually inevitable, so our travel insurance covers you already.



Are you looking at securing a conducive living space for long or short term purpose? Top Travel Recruitment works collaboratively with certified housing or real estate bodies to provide a dream shelter for clients annually or on a short time basis. Like the hotel reservation, we book and secure sales, rental and short-let properties for customers.


Car Pickup/Drop-off

We provide and manage transportation system for customers before and after they get to their destinations. Our car pick-up and drop-off services is a top-notch among others. We organize flexible mobility from anywhere to airport and vice versa. In summary, we book ride to and fro for individual who want to move around in a new country of residence.

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Dr. Eniola Salami - Medical Expert

Top Travel Recruitment has always been No. 1 among other travel agency companies in Nigeria. They are verified, tested and trusted. I will always recommend them to family and friends anytime and everywhere.

Bar. Nnaemeka Okoye - Lawyer

My relocation to Canada was so easy after consulting Top Recruitment. Till date, they are the best when it comes to consultations, bookings and reservations. Their customer support is very reliable to proffer immediate solution to problems.


Top Recruitment Travels & Tours render Visa services, Flight ticketing and Hotel reservations

We are reliable travel agency because we assist our clients in processing of visa without hassle. We are also into flight ticketing and hotel booking at flexible. We partner with different travel experts, embassies, consulates and more. Some of our target countries to issue visa easily are Canada, Poland, Australia, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Portugal, Dublin, Germany etc. We also do regional and local flight ticketing to Ghana, Benin Republic, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Kano etc.

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