For many decades, China has been known for its unique cultural and technological heritage. Ali Baba, being the largest marketplace in the World has made China a primary country for businessmen, wholesalers, online shop owners etc. We will help you process your China visa without hassle. At Top Recruitment Travel and Tours, we follow  due process to get you both tourism, visitation and business visa once all the necessary documents are provided.

China abounds in natural resources. It leads the world in many proven mineral deposits. No country in the world boasts more wild life than China, many of which are native to China, such as giant panda, snub-nosed golden monkey, and Chinese alligator; China’s dawn redwood and Cathaya argyrophylla are known as the living fossils of ancient plants. To protect the nation’s native animals and plants, especially the endangered species, China has established more than 700 nature reserves. Beijing, the capital of the People’s Republic of China is a center for politics, economy and culture. It has been developed into a world class metropolis in which the modern world is blended harmoniously with the glory of an imperial past.

Specifically, we assist business owners, importers and product dealers who are looking forward to buying goods from China and ship down to the Nigeria to process Visa for their successful business trips. Top Recruitment Travel and Tours is committed to doing their best to ensure that your visitation, tourism, business conference and good importation from China come to past without stress of getting Visa.

How to get a Visit/tourist visa for China

Tourist or Visit Visa is the most popular type of visa for China, which is typically the easiest to apply for. You will need to provide the three standard items such as passport, application form and photograh. Also, an invitation letter from your host or travel documents (round-trip travel plus hotel booking), and proof of current residency. There may be additional requirements depending on if you have travelled to China before or you have a guidance there.

You will submit all applications, supporting documents, and processing/service fees to the Visa office at the Chinese consulate, or China Visa Application Service Centre. Doing so through a service like Top Recruitment Service and Tours makes life a bit easier.

Usually it takes between 5-10 business days to process, although times vary, so prepare accordingly. Keep in mind you won’t want to apply too early, as the visa is only valid for 90/180 days depending on whether it’s for single or double entry. If you apply 1-2 months in advance you should be fine or fully prepared and ready.

How to Issue Business Visa
(M Visa)

A business visa, also known as M visa is issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities. Whether you choose to travel for business conference or trading purpose, China has all it takes to bring your dream to reality. The business visa can be issued for single-entry, double-entry or multiple-entry. The validity period of the China M visa is three months in most cases, while the allowed duration of stay is usually 30 days and can be longer depending on applicants’ personal cases. The duration of stay or each visit for each visa class is normally 30-60 days based on the particular Chinese Consulate.

You will also be required to submit original and photocopy of the business registration certificate and tax clearance or IRS are required during the visa application. You are also required to provide an invitation letter issued by a registered Chinese company or Organization or registered dealer (e.g trade fair, AliBaba etc). With your business Visa, you could stay in China for up to 120 days.

Note that it is illegal to work in China with a Business Visa. If you want to legally work in China, you need a Work Visa.

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In most cases, China’s business visa fees are the same as that of tourist visas. The applicant’s nationality and the number of entries make a difference. Generally, China’s multiple-entry business visa costs more. In countries where there are CVASC, you need to pay both the Chinese M visa fee and the service fee to the center. It is possible to extend the business or M visa, but this must be done at least seven days before the original visa expires.